Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hey peoples
So its Sanya again and I just wanted to say to all my friends..HI
So here are some of my awesome, loving friends..

Anisha- She is a loving friend who will never let you down and will support you and sometimes just have a laugh.
Nadine- She is a crazy girl who I can trust and always stand by.
Natalie- She is a great, funny friend who is great at whipping her hair (like nads) and she can turn anyones fron upside down.
Mini- I havent known her for long but she is supportive and a clam hippie who eats meat. She can alway be a hummus buddy and we can always eat through our problems:)
Gaurika- She is a funny, true and fun to talk to kinda friend. I can never forget her.
Ananya- Everyone knows her as a quiet girl, but to be honest she is loud, fun and super funny. She can always be there for anyone.
Gabi- I know I dont live in the same country as her but we will still be close and we will always have a laugh. LOTS
I love ALL my friends and more and I know that they got my back!!

Oh and to Diya, Marina and Skye.. I LOVE YOU!! (Imaginary hug)